Chrome Web Store – Productivity Apps

Have you tried the Chrome Web Store? Have you tried checking out the Free Apps? If not, then you’re missing out a lot of impressive free applications available.

It all started when I was trying to get some developer tools for debugging the application we are developing. Chrome is actually what I used when I want to do those minimal functional test, so I tried doing some search on how can I be productive more with it. I visited the Chrome Web Store, and to my surprise, the number of applications available grew larger and a lot of useful apps are now available.  It even has Business Tools such as CRMs and Accounting Systems :).

I’ve got some Applications already installed in my chrome.

  • DevHTTP – Client fot checking out HTTP Header Details
  • Sidengo – Website Builder
  • RegExpTester – If you want to test your regex first before you pattern/match it.
  • Mobjectify – Mobile Web Development Tool – I recommend checking this out, really cool stuff. You can develop applications using Drag Drop components and automatically publish them right away. It even has an emulator in it.
  • Weebly – another Website Builder – more easy to use tool
  • PublishHTML5 – Another HTML 5 Website Builder

There are still tons of applications to discover, although be careful of your installation, some of them can really hog your memory.

Check it our here: