Fundamentals – PL/SQL

I was and will always be fascinated by Oracle PL/SQL. Its one of those sophisticated language that will “almost” always be used in every project – and theres a good reason why.

  • Industry Standard
  • DM* (Data Manipulation) – can be isolated, packaged and reused.
  • Wide array of intrinsic functions to manipulate data –  as well as objects.
  • Easier to learn  – as it has a very straight forward approach in its procedural nature.
  • Callable by universally by any platform available. – APIs are already available to call database objects.

I don’t want to bore you with details so here are some very useful guides for PL/SQL here. The site has industry standard conventions, case studies, best practices and technical information on tips how to write injection proof PL/SQL. A good read for those who wants to improve and well informed in the technology.

For me, I have a few SQL scripts I’ve been working on to practice, you can download them from here.