Currency Format with jquery-formatcurrency

JQuery introduce a new perspective in Javascript Programming. It almost re-defined how we code client-side processing and ajax implementations. The community embraces this new whole shift and it led to a whole new dimension to the client-side programming language.

One of my favorite jquery extension plugin is the format currency:

Its basically used for formatting your labels or numeric values on the client-side (HTML page) to currency format. It also includes currency symbol manipulation, separator options, locale support etc.

Here are some demonstrations:

The plugin is really useful for currency format implementations, but it got me thinking, what can we possible add to this simple yet very useful library plugin?

  1. How about, ajax observer field? The current plugin only uses client side values, what if we put an observer field so that anything that is being pushed to all clients will be formatted directly?
  2. How about introducing grid component with default currency formatting? – A library that will allow developers to create simple excel grid component on web pages and put auto-calculation on given fields?