Fundamentals – ICEFaces with JPA

Its been a while since I put up some stuffs in here, yet not to fear since I’ve just been drafting my writings. For this post, I’ll be going through my first hands- on experience in using ICEFaces Web Framework. You can view ICEFaces very details description here: Click Me.

For my hands-on experience, I tried putting up a simple Inventory Input Form like this:

The business case here is that the user must have the ability to create inventory items, the user must be able to automatically see the data in the table below after creating a new item.

Inserting a new Data using: Ice:Popup

A pre-defined (or in technical term, intrinsic function) libraries are included with the Framework. Its basically a new Web Framework that completely uses the Web 2.0 concepts as well as Ajax technologies to refine and define the user experience.

The popup dialog below is actually just a tag library call from the page itself. Pre-defined validation occurs (see those * there). After saving the entry, the dialog closes and the table underneath will automatically re-rendered to show the newly added entry.

Delete and Edit:

An entry will have buttons that will let user delete or edit data. The Edit button will re-use the popup dialog and pass the values to it.

After editing:

Note that no loading happened in this scenarios, all of which are Ajax driven and no Javascript was coded for this. It really showcased the power of JSF technologies for REAs Development.

Technologies Used:

  1. Apache Tomcat 7 – I’m using Tomcat 7 as it supports the latest JEE6 Reference Implementation libraries required to run the application.
  2. MySQL Database – The Enterprise Ready Toy Database
  3. Eclipse EE with IceFaces Installed – JPA Libraries are pre-installed in JEE Eclipse.

The ICEFaces Framework – showcased a lot of useful libraries for user interface. JSF really made its promise by minimizing the Javascript needed for development and for this case, I didn’t have to write any. Heres a link to the ICEFaces Library Showcase site: Click Me

To save you from trying to create this basic stuff, heres the link to the WAR file I created (includes the SQL File as well) along with the necessary libraries to run the application: POSv1.war

Just put it in your Apache Tomcat 7 webapps folder, create the database with a user: root / <no password> and your good to go!

ICEFaces – Self Serve Training

Interested in learning ICEFaces Technology? Here’s a free video introduction.

ICEfaces is more than a Ajax JSF component library, it’s an J2EE Ajax framework for developing and deploying rich enterprise applications (REAs). With ICEfaces, enterprise Java developers can easily develop rich enterprise applications in Java, not JavaScript.