Chrome Web Store – Productivity Apps

Have you tried the Chrome Web Store? Have you tried checking out the Free Apps? If not, then you’re missing out a lot of impressive free applications available.

It all started when I was trying to get some developer tools for debugging the application we are developing. Chrome is actually what I used when I want to do those minimal functional test, so I tried doing some search on how can I be productive more with it. I visited the Chrome Web Store, and to my surprise, the number of applications available grew larger and a lot of useful apps are now available.  It even has Business Tools such as CRMs and Accounting Systems :).

I’ve got some Applications already installed in my chrome.

  • DevHTTP – Client fot checking out HTTP Header Details
  • Sidengo – Website Builder
  • RegExpTester – If you want to test your regex first before you pattern/match it.
  • Mobjectify – Mobile Web Development Tool – I recommend checking this out, really cool stuff. You can develop applications using Drag Drop components and automatically publish them right away. It even has an emulator in it.
  • Weebly – another Website Builder – more easy to use tool
  • PublishHTML5 – Another HTML 5 Website Builder

There are still tons of applications to discover, although be careful of your installation, some of them can really hog your memory.

Check it our here:

Google Stuff + GWT – Platform of the future?

GWT – Google Web Toolkit – Is the open source development platform from google.

To cut it short, have you experience using gmail or google+? Did you noticed how it process request from a user input? Its like theres a very rich Ajax Engine right?

Well indeed google uses the power of javascript heavily in their application and this is what GWT is all about. Think of GWT Platform as an Ajax Platform, yet google put something in between to solve issues in browser compatibility (quirks, tweaks and Javascripts) and as a developer, it only requires you to know either Java (J2SE) or Python (right, no javascript).

GWT Development Workflow:

  1. Developer Write Java Code
  2. Developer Compile Java Code
  3. Compiler will check for errors and compile
  4. Compiler will generate Javascript Files from the Java Code
  5. Javascript Files will be embedded on your HTML
Thats why you don’t have to know Javascript! GWT SDK will uses your Java code, compile them to Javascript codes that can be used for your HTML pages! 🙂
Do you think GWT can actually be use to develop and implement Enterprise Business Applications – on Cloud – on demand? I think its possible, though we need further POCs for that. 🙂