CodeIgniter – PHP MVC Framework

PHP is a very powerful platform if used accordingly. Back when I was in college, I certainly thought of using PHP as my main weapon for development and considered it as the backbone of my career even before graduating college. My PHP Skills are still within me but it certainly not the primary choice. But a good look at the remarkable existing framework it had ¬†and I’m back on track in investing time using it. ūüôā¬†CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC Framework that simplified development by introducing pre-built APIs and Helpers for developer so lessen the development time, as well as give a¬†familiar¬†pattern to ease the development process. Here is a quick video tutorial on CodeIgniter from their website.

In my efforts to learn the new stuff, I used the first IDE I ever used: Dreamweaver!

Quick Setup:

  1. Download CodeIgniter
  2. Put it on your htdocs folder (for XAMPP) – with a little googling, you can actually change the hosting folder to any specific folder you want.

Here’s a sample Source code POS System I extended that uses CodeIgniter:

Notice the structure of the folders. This is how it made it easy for developers. All components have its own sub folders with a very sensible naming on each (Views will be on the views folder, Controllers are on controller folder, etc.).

I deployed this Application on my own domain, feel free to check it out: POSv1 (username: sampledemo / password: sampledemo). This is actually my efforts to put a POS system in one of our Mini Stores Рalthough, this is a bit an overhead since I can just buy us an actual POS system, its fun learning codeigniter and know its potentials.

I’ll post more tutorials on these on later. Feel free to checkout the POS application above and tell me your feedbacks about it!