Jsch – Build from Source

As I’m trying to create a way to remotely execute commands, I found a very nice API that can help me so.


The API is basically a wrapped of low-level platform dependent library can connect to a remote PC – via its own port, and execute commands for it.

I’ve manage to build the actual API code from source and make an Eclipse Project for it. There are also examples (source_examples package) for a head start.

Eclipse Project – Source

How about this. What if you can remotely call this API from your task (ant build task), to restart an Application Server (freeing up some resources) before automatically deploying it? All in one build task? 🙂

How about, transfer files remotely via FTP or SFTP? You can automate your transfer task using this API and develop a simple UI for it. 🙂

A Simple Build – How do you Manually Automate your Tomcat Build

Weekend boredom strikes and it resulted to me trying to learn and check-out Spring MVC. Although the application I’m creating is not yet ready, I’ve manage to create my own build script to build the application and automatically deploy it to a Tomcat Server. Here’s a screenshot of the script.

The script includes a Build War, an Undeploy and Deployment script.

You still need to get some ant task from the Tomcat though (tomcat.properties).

and you need to define the task at the top of the build script.

Download the Build Script and Properties File Here