NBA 2K12 is here – review of an average gamer

The NBA 2k franchise is no doubt one of the best of the breed NBA Game we had in our consoles. I really appreciate and like that fact that even though the game is to perfect for average NBA games out there, the company still tries to improve it in a yearly basis. They still try to put something new to the game without including features that will feel like “old hat” to NBA 2k veterans.

This years NBA 2k is no exception to this fact, I recently bought a copy of NBA 2k12 with Magic in it. ­čÖé

I’m still hanging by the controls though, yet if you think those previous versions of NBA 2k ┬áis realistic, wait till you check this one out. I’ve listed some features that I really do and don’t like on the current version, although don’t take my comments in to account yet since I only bought it last week and only played it twice since then.

Liked (so far):

Play calling: is not limited to just your point guard, you can also call plays on every position and everywhere on the court – of course if you’re team has that extensive playbook.

Improve post up moves: Post up moves in NBA2k11 just killed the competition, and this year’s release just got even better at killing them :). The post up moves are very much realistic and at the same time, easy to execute.

In-game improvements: “You have to understand and master NBA 2k skill before you can earn yourself a win” – NBA 2k12 is not just about shooting, running down the court for offense/defense. It’s all about you understanding the game. You have to use plays, learn body up and post up moves, crossovers and of course master the art of defense – that will surely win you championships.

Too Realistic:┬áI tried passing up on a lane when I’m about to dunk / layup, and what it showed next simple awe me. Every move in NBA 2k12 is too realistic! Passing up on the lane, post up, ball save, momentum on shooting, layup or dunk, on the break moves etc.. all were improved to make it more realistic to all gamers.

Beginners moves: NBA2k10’s pick and roll is quite a joke to me, you can actually pick your opponent apart with the same offensive move throughout the entire game. come┬áNBA 2k11, it was contained. The defense can actually recognize the pick and roll and moves in the right spot to anticipate passing lanes – although there are still some games that you can use the same (pick and roll) move to dominate the game. NBA 2k12 so far seems to amaze me in containing the move more, you can’t merely use it consecutively. This I think mostly beginners will be frustrated, you can’t use the same move consecutively on games without hesitating to execute it. The defense mechanism I think was far more improved than the earlier versions of the game.

Don’t Like (so far):

2k Camera view: Its a bit annoying that they have to change the behavior of the camera rotation for 2k view. It doesn’t stop before the camera rotation (or upon ball turnover to break away plays). This leads to the gamer trying to adjust to the camera rotation just to get ahead of the break away play. ­čśŽ

Lags at some point: my first game was quite a┬ádisappointing┬áright before it actually starts. It lags on the game tip off. (at least my center wouldn’t be in the┬ácrucifix┬áposition unable to play).

Improvements I want yet never tried it yet:

Improve My Player: I really don’t like the My Player feature from last year (NBA2k11), it’s a bit frustrating that your doing your job on the court and your AI teammates isn’t up to your standards. I think the game should also consider not just team play, but also “ME in Team” play. Individual impact should be considered, or at least control another teammate so that you can have an option to control your high post and paint area.

Try it and see for yourself. ­čÖé

Penumbra – Black Plaque

I recently borrowed Penumber – Black Plaque from a friend. I was curious by how scary it is since a lot of people were really pushing this game as one of the scariest there is and will be.

Here’s a trailer video.

Its actually a sequel to the 1st one – Penumbra Overture, yet that didn’t stop me from playing it. I’ve tried it once, yet never got to far enough since my schedule doesn’t allow me to play for at least an hour. ­čÖé