6 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout – Repost

I saw a very interesting FB post today regarding avoiding burnout. As I read it through, I remembered a friend who I usually see as being always burnout because of what he do on daily basis. As far as I can remember, he 1) has a regular work 40 hours a week, 2) managing 2 family business, doing accounting and system development tasks for each, 3) he is starting his own company from scratch and 4) he is taking his masters degree.

I recommend it to all people out in the world contemplating in his life and choose to do everything just to throw something on the table.


I ask him once why is he doing all of this stuff, he look at me, an say.. “well I have a ton of reasons why I do this, but the core of it all is passion”

Yes, passion is the only thing it took for him to initiate all of this, he isn’t an A-grade student (as far as I can remember), but he sure knows how to create his own workarounds. He is somewhat I called “ma-diskarte”, because, his mindset is there will always be a way, either you think through it or use a trial and error approach.

I dedicate this post to him as I think, he deserves more credit in what he do. Yes he is passionate, but he doesn’t seem to know that he must also be conscious about his health. Hopefully, he’ll bump his head and realize that he will be more efficient if he manages to stay healthy and not burning out on a daily basis.

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