Year 2011 Closing

For me year 2011, is clearly the best year yet for me. A lot of good things happened that made me wonder if there are any bad ones. Here are some of the highlights I had within this year.

  • Another year with my Hey –Β The most wonderful thing ever happened to me. I felt like our bond is getting stronger day by day.
  • Launched my blog site and managed to actively update it – for the past 6 months, my blog has dramatic improvements in terms of its content. I’m still looking forward in improving the approach of my article as well as upgrading my content to whole new level.
  • Achievements – Passed two certification exam, started my Masters, more business, side work opportunities and a dream laptop. πŸ™‚
  • Study – Started my Masters Degree and finished the 1st term on a high note despite the challenges.
  • Learning – Learning new technologies, leadership and being a better me.
  • Intimate love with work – Developer, Trainer, Course Owner, Innovation Lead and Technical Consultant. Many People would’nt say I have a perfect career but for me, it is. I take challenges and accept them not because they pay me to do so, its because I want to contribute and the most satisfying feeling for me is the accomplishment after.
  • Research Papers – Started doing research papers and self studying technologies.
  • Stayed in shape – despite the work and task load I had, I still manage to get to the gym and hit the weights.
  • Better at Finance – I’ve learned that, you don’t need a larger salary to earn more. One of the key improvements I had is being better at managing my own money.
  • Complete Command Center – White board, Unix Server, a Powerful laptop, notebook, pen and coffee. Why can’t I be productive?
  • Initial Planning for the future
  • – Long term planning. Hopefully, a better year on 2012 will speedup the commitment. p

  • Improvement Strategy – Continuous Improvement and Innovation is applicable to any business, for now, the focus of my plan for our family business is improvement by using IT as its backbone.

Now this is just the initial list (I think..). I believe there is more to be added (I just couldn’t remember them all). Bottom line though, year 2011 – is short but packed. πŸ™‚ I aim to have a better year come 2012. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year to Everyone!

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