DevCon Summit – Devops Day Manila 2011

A treat to myself, might get some interesting stuff at this event, but hey, at least I get to check-out some Dev stuff! πŸ™‚

The last time I went to something like this was way back 2007, Java in Manila part 2. Back then, Software Architect Sang Shin talk about the latest NetBeans IDE with a lot of cool features. I did got some freebies, but I wasn’t able to attend the whole event (it spans 3 days) since I only filed for a 1 day leave.

Yet I would say the experience is awesome, met my collage mates back then, and shared some insights regarding the use of Java Technologies. Of course, I’m still a newbie back then, not so much to say about the depth of the language, what can possibly be done and solve using the language, yet I’m a grown person now. Ready to challenge myself to a more advance topics in Java.

I’m actually hesitant to go because of the stuff that I’m going to do this week.

For all those coming, always get something from the experience (learning or anything that matters). πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “DevCon Summit – Devops Day Manila 2011

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