SCJP – The Untold Journey

It was way back January 2009 when I first got my first programmer certification. I got lucky and passed the Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam with a score of 86% – I did try to ace it but I’m happy with my score. 🙂

My journey starts with my interest, I really have that itch to improve my technical skills and not worry about business domain knowledge skills (this is why I think I didn’t like my first work back then). My first professional work was too proprietary, your stuck with their basic technological skill set, you don’t have clear end to end overview of the system application and management (thus lower chances of you understanding and improving the process) and it’ll only put you in a disadvantage in the open competing market as you long for it since the experience you gain will really not help you at all in many companies.

I really didn’t care about how it will be boom in the next 5 years of so, I really want to learn deep technical stuff, broad knowledge on technical aspects of the system and eventually be able to create and design my own enterprise application. Unfortunately, the company, I know for a fact, will never give me that knowledge. I will not comment anymore on the people that I worked with so lets just proceed.

In order for me to improve and learn, I self study my chosen core forte – Java Programming Language. I manage to create 3 sideline projects with it over the course of my almost 3 year work in my first company. I somehow enjoyed working on the weekend instead of doing my actual work since it really gave me that scratch to my itch feeling. I pursue the certification as part of my learning process, I want to learn more of the core concept of the language, I know for a fact that every technology relies on a specific concept and I really want to grasp that concept knowledge. I helped myself by buying an SCJP voucher and take the exam.

The exam is my one shot at getting over the lump of my years of inexperience to the industry. I should be learning a lot of technologies in my first 2 years, instead, I keep on mastering the creation of V and always feel the pressure of “assumed to be competent” reviewers. They somehow motivated me to improve, as I think they have their flaws in their technical reasoning in reviewing, and as an inexperience person who’s afraid to disrespect them, I usually don’t say anything and just do what they asked for. This pushed me to research further so that I can evaluate their reasoning and check if they’re indeed worth listening to. (and I’ll stop here). I took my exam on January 29, 2009 and passed. This is also my last day on the company. I’m really surprised that I was able to stay for almost 3 years in that company. Maybe at one point, I did love my Job. 🙂

The journey starts with an interest, then some down spiral circumstances that pushed me improve further. It just not give me the technical knowledge I want, it also give me valuable lessons in life as well.

2 thoughts on “SCJP – The Untold Journey

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