The Lost RIA Tech – JavaFX?

I wouldn’t say JavaFX is lost or anything, its just that I think developers usually overlook on it. The RIA space is currently controlled by Adobe Flex, GWT, Sencha, JQuery, Silverlight, ADF etc.. yet I think JavaFX has a fighting chance in that space as well.

Heres the list of current Top RIAs:

The review above is from a designers perspective. Let me give you my own perspective in JavaFX alone. 🙂

Platform: I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 rating simply because its Java. 🙂 Java is everywhere, Java is easy to learn and simple to deal with.

Application: 3 out of 5, JavaFX is actually just a new way of building Applets (and mobile applications). We all know the downside of Applets – You really have to optimize your code to prevent resource hogging. A lot of tools and resources would really help you optimizing your code for applets yet it will still fall back simply because it runs in a different virtual machine – unlike Android – Dalvik is almost native to Android SDK.

Resources: 3 out of 5, JavaFX isn’t really that popular, simple because it has a lot of competitors that is frankly better and more powerful (GWT, JSF, ADF, JQuery).

Development: I’d give it a 4 out of 5, It easy to learn JavaFX is you know your way around developing Java Applications. Though it would sometimes be weird that your actually creating a CSS file for a Desktop-like application, yet if you can live with it then there would be no problem. 🙂

it has a plugin on two of the most widely used IDE in Java Community, Eclipse and NetBeans, thus rest assure that theres a wide range of audience that will help you with your IDE issues with it.

Just to note though, this is just my cent on the technology. I haven’t tried it yet, although it would really be interesting to learn the stuff. I’ll write a tutorial for it and post it here. 🙂

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