The love for ToDo – DGT-GTD ToodleDo

This is actually my 2nd post regarding my awesome most powerful tool since living the professional life: ToDo Tool.

As a person with too many tasks on the line, I rest assure that my plans are prioritize and tasks are taken care of. This approach of mine in prioritizing has enabled me to be well organized not just for the plots that I put, but also the tools that I used to make it happen. This mentality limited me to exploit my android mobile phone’s capabilities, I locked it down on 2.2 and stick with it for more than 6 months. I never change it’s kernel, and stick to the panels I created – since I’m already used to the accessibility it provides.

Well all systematic ideas sometimes break when upgrades are implemented, and it got into me that I really need to get my hands dirty on my phone (I need to learn the basics of reformatting my mobile if I really want to prepare myself for the mobile extravagant future).

.. and so 1 weekend, I reformat it twice (I used Odin – very easy to use!) and really explored some of the best applications that google advised me (search key: top 10 best apps free android) to download.

We’ll the exploration did not lasted long, I really need to get my phone running and sync my ToDo’s with it. I found a very useful application called DGT GTD (Getting Things Done), that allow synchronization with toodledo. The application was very neat (at least for me), very intuitive and amazingly fast.

All you android users out there that uses toodledo, this is a must try. 🙂

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