A Cool Feature – Live and Remote

After tinkering much on one of my client’s website I found myself trying to start the implementation of Liferay in my mother’s office.

I’m not bias to using the Liferay portal, but I cannot ignore the capabilities it offers. While checking out some stuff on its setting, I saw a very useful tool that I know, will perfectly fit into the structure I’d like to have if ever I’ll be implementing a site of liferay’s kind. 🙂

As indicated, it allows a specific Liferay instance to be persistent from a staging server to a remote one.  Its more of a feature that can help you transfer business data from one liferay instance to another. 🙂

Plus, it has staging approval process from community administrator (content approvers).

This feature will surely help generate ideas on deployment processes if there would be clients that wants to implement Liferay for their business. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Cool Feature – Live and Remote

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