Google Apps for Business

Google! What can’t you do?

I just checked a friend’s link this morning (on facebook) and I was amazed by it.

Google just made it clear that its possible to run a business of your own, regardless of your business size, in their own platform!

Check it out! 🙂 Features for real business, All on the cloud.

Prices Starts at:

  • $5 / user / month – Flexible Plan
  • $50 / user / year – Annual Plan
Features: Complete Business Suite that (I know) will certainly fit your business needs!
Collaboration Apps:
I’ve been using Google Apps for a while and my thoughts about it suggest that this will be a sure impact on Small Business! Although some business prefer to create their own platform, yet consumption has been and will always be a choice, you can apply for an annual plan to just have a prototype plan for your business, tailor it to what you need and build a platform using the idea you will have from using Google Business Apps. 🙂
My thoughts?
  • All your data will be running on cloud, you usually plan out your own security for your own business data, yet it was always an option if you want to expose your data (via cloud). Will you create your own security storage for your “highly confidential” business data or would you take chances on relying on the cloud? Cloud = accessibility (computers – desktop, laptop, mobile)
  • Google Business Applications – GMail, Calendar – I’ve been using it for more than 4 years now. I’m really enjoying all the features that gmail has to offer and the best part is, google keeps on updating and putting upgrades for it.
  • Collaboration Tool – I’ve tested chat and video in google. Very responsive and user friendly (notifications), yet what I’m really interested in trying is the Video sharing. Would it have the same idea as the hangout in google+? If so, then this will certainly a very productive tool for collaboration.
  • Perfectly compliment your Android Mobile – It should be! I haven’t tried it though!
  • Price starts at $5 per user  per month – is very affordable! $50 per user per year – is unbelievably affordable! Imagine using all those google applications for your startup software  business that has 2 – 3 persons collaborating. Productivity will soar with high probability of quality results! You can actually get your ROI with just one project. Google Business Applications – will surely have an impact on your business if you really know how to use them effectively! 🙂
Obviously, there a lot more to tell about this stuff, and I’m here to check them out!
Way to go google! 🙂 I’ll definitely try it!

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