Basics of a Custom Property Resolver!

While tinkering back then with my first J2EE Application, I told myself: “If I create a lookup Java Class file for all my Global Variables, wouldn’t that decrease its flexibility? I need to recompile the code if there are changes.. and recompiling means – restarting the deployed application”.

Then along came property files, these basic text files are (I think) one of the most  under-appreciated component of an application. Not doing such will actually decrease the probability that your application will be extended the right way (and we really don’t want release after release of incorrect extension do we?).

Basic of Doing Property file (Its so basic actually!):

Develop the CustomPropertyResolver:

The Property File:

The Project Structure:

The Call:

Download the Sample Project Here:

OpenClose Port Project

Note that the purpose of this project is to showcase the custom property resolver, that actual project is not guaranteed to work.. 🙂

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