HTML5 a very quick look

As part of my growing and intense itch in checking out new technologies on our prestigious software industry, I remembered a conversation with a friend about HTML5.

He shared me a website back then that demonstrate the capabilities of HTML5 and to think, I was stunned. 🙂

Having a CSS/HTML background, I’m usually concerned with how the site would look, how can I make a design that is so stunning and simple that 1) a 56k modem won’t have a hard time loading it,2) intuitive 3) readable, 4) simple.

A simple webdesign for me is an achievement. A trophy. An Honor. Its a very good feeling that I have something that I can use to contribute to the Web.

Then all these CMS sites came along, sucking all the challenges the Web developers and Designers can be done.

“Before I knew CMS (Joomla and Mambo), I actually met a developer that keeps on boasting his work, how intuitive and easy to read it is, very simple and elegant design.  I was idolizing him back then. Then came the realization that I can also do the same website, within an hour using Mambo.”

HTML5 I think will click though I don’t see it as something that will be on the mainstream for the next 5 years. Theres nothing wrong with the prior right?

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