ToDo tool is a neccessity

One way or another, there will come to a point that we as an individual will need to be productive for us to go and grow further with our lives.

For me, ever since I step into my professional career, certain tools such as laptop, mobile phone, external hd and virtual notebooks were nearly tightly coupled with my career. Every step is documented, every automation equivalents to efficiency and no other tool had helped me out other than my to do tools.

To Do tools are very helpful, especially when your hands are full of tasks on a daily basis. One tool I used for office task is the “Task” feature from MS Outlook.  Its easy to navigate, very efficient task manager, intuitive (no special learning required) and its simply a very straight forward way of tracking task.

Another tool I used for managing my “out of office” task is ToodleDo, would you believe that one of reason why I bought an Android Phone (aside from dev) is to have a To Do tool I can use?


Try it, you won’t regret. 🙂

It also comes with an import/export tool, goals, folders, context, advance repetition feature and its all free of charge (although, advance features would cost you if your work task is too demanding).

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