Unlocked the locked

Have you exprienced having your “virus-filled Universal serial bus (USB) flash drive” inserted in your laptop/pc and do something with it and eventually when you try to safley remove it.. a message pops out that the current drive is still being used? well here are some scenario that can be the cause of the informationa message..

  • Your drive is opened (via windows explorer)
  • You have a file currently being edited and opened

yet… the most annoying one… you have a virus in your drive and that virus relentlessly reprogram your operating system and infect alot of files….

luckly i (think) i found a solution…

its called “Unlocker (download)” unlock any application currently running on your pc, including USB drive wares so it would definitly solve that annoying “cant safely remove.. because drive is currentl being used”….


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