What coffee can do to me? :)

Coffee?… let me iterate…

1) It stretches me, i can get active in what i’m currently doing.

2) It brings a litttle funny feeling in my mouth… and suddenly i just want to brush my teeth.

3) Its part of my growth.. it somehow motivates me..

4) I go get one when i’m kinda down…

5) and kinda happy.

6) Want to finish something that requires alot of OT work and midnight motivation? well coffee can be your companion.

7) Sets in heat even if its very cold (I mean, you being in a airconditioned room).

8) A good alternative to beer (well, obviously many would contradict, but for me.. it is).

9) If you tried to get a water from the pantry and found out that there’s no water.. a good alternative (so that your presence in the pantry would’nt be wasted by a simple unrefilled water container) is to just press coffee on the vending machine and your efforts in going to the pantry are saved.. (well some would go the CR but hey, what if your not feeling any urine coming out?)

TOINKZ! goodnight!

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