Is there such thing as “unrecognized actions” when alcohol strikes our brain?

sort of playing with this post title… “unrecognized”… is the possibility of no recognition of your own actions when under alcohol dosage TRUE? or it depends on the quantity of alcohol?

A friend of mine just “lost it” when we have a drinking session right here in our own home.. no violent actions are made, just wierd ones. He’s so drunk still he wants to drive off with our vechicle and go to his friends hang-out bar for another drink.. and as far as i can see.. he’s groggy and very much likely to be suspected as drunk. Why the choice driving a vehicle knowing that alcohol has set in and obviously.. DRUNK?…

I also have an experience overdosing myself with alcohol.. though i’m obviously drunk but still i know my decisions… i can still remember things and stuff (no offense to pips that doesn’t remember anything after being drunk). The question is how do alcohol sets in and control our decision? is it because we think that we drunk? is it because we can feel pressure and heat when drunk thus affecting our decisions?…

Well research at this time doesn’t help and i’m kinda sleepy.. anyways, goodnight/morning….

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