Cannot Find that application context…

I’ll be discussing this in laymans term… means i’ll minimize the technical words. I currently have a module undergoing development (of course by me..), it involves alot of records, and my module uses that records and search for a particular reference record for that main record… (gets), right now, all of the parent records doesn’t have the reference records for the module that i’m currently developing.

As a solution, i wrote a simple script that automatically saves the reference record of a parent record on a database without facilitating the system. I created the script under our own api so that i can get the generic methods and the database entities (neccessary for the creation of the records). Yet i though i did it but there’s a tiny bit of a problem.. (well actually its tiny but the scope is actually the whole system). There are certain classes our base api needed to be executed before using them and since the script is not accustomed with the system (because its only a work-around) the database entities never really works.

I ask a peer of mine if he knows a way to call the application context (which is the main initializator of the system (talki’n about spring framework _ spring framework is the main framework of our system, under our custom api), but to no avail. I also ask another peer of mine, and said that what i’m thinking is not possible.. / because all base initialization class methods are private.. (means i cannot call them via my class.. “.. I was thinking that assumption of his (because.. obviously… you can if you would instantiate the main classes.. in short.. the application context’s…)” anyways. Since i have nothing left (though i have alot that i know…,), I think i’ll just use the old method of inserting an object into the database…, the DBConnection Class that has that string connnection names and urls (Class.forName(“driver”)… but i think i’ll just do that on monday, because..right now.. i’m already sleepy… goodnyt…

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