Just keep it up… Keep moving forward…

Ok.. just to give you what i wanted to tell regarding the title. “Just keep it up.. Keep moving forward”… For me, the most clarifying qoute I’ve read… the word in-between it just strikes… and you know why?:

Me as a human being.. I’m no perfect.., I’m no genius (though i like to research).. I have plans… i have perspective on what i wanted and how i can i achieve them… but though i do have an overview… life cannot just give you want you want.. bumps and rough areas are always there… Sure you have your perspective on your goal.. but can you accuratly see the road to achieve it?… Is there a certainty in you that the goal and the road you planned will be 100% certain and intact?… “Of course”, alot of people would say that…  but they know that the 100% is not possible unless its the end of the road…

I have some ups and downs (including what i have right now), I was a careless student when i was in college, I never expected (neither may parents or may mates) that i would reach this peak of my life. Yet since I’m at the peak, falling has its highest probabilities.  Frustrations sets in along with self pity and disgrace toward thyself…. but for what? Nobody will help me, Nobody will care… this is what i viewed, this is my road.. i cannot just give up on what i planned… i have to keep it up… keep moving forward.. sure frustrations are there, but if i don’t move forward.. it’s like saying give up and accept frustration for the rest of my life… Now how moron i can be if i let that happen right?

I have to rely on myself, i have myself to prove that I deserve to be at this peak, i deserve to be here.. i planned this, this is what i wanted, i was not obligated to do this, i love this and i must do all it takes for this.

– Man with frustration… and infinite paranoia..

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